“We Respond” is a new digital art piece opening at ZAZ 10 Times Square gallery. Over a thousand quotes from 50 states scroll on monitors in Times Square; each quote is drawn from interviews asking people to respond to the last year.

“We Respond” is visible on screens at ZAZ10TS and will soon be scrolling at this website. Subscribe and stay tuned so you can know when the site is ready for you to add your own response. We want to hear your story.

“We Respond” collects words and thoughts that have been useful to people throughout the US during the pandemic. We have cultivated great wisdom in a short amount of time. And our collection is helping synthesize and reckon with all we have learned.

Technologist Janaki Ranpura and theater director Katherine Wilkinson interviewed over 140 people from across the US. With over 500 statements drawn from their interviews, a collective voice emerges. The voice sighs, cries, dreams, and wishes. The voice expresses itself for all of us in this challenging year. When we share our stories, we know we are not alone.

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